Getting bogged in the sand dunes

  • Have Your Car Towed If You Notice Any of These Problems

    1 September 2015

    Some mechanical problems with your car are not so serious that you can't get your car to a nearby repair shop, but all too often, car owners overlook serious mechanical issues and drive their car when they shouldn't. There are some problems with a car that make it dangerous and unsafe to drive even a short distance, and doing so can put you at risk and also cause more damage to your car overall.

  • When to Call a Towing Service Rather Than Drive Your Car

    21 August 2015

    Thinking that your car is safe to drive simply because it can be turned on and put into gear is a mistake, if you're having certain mechanical issues with the car. In some cases you may put your own safety at risk when on the road, and in other cases, you may be risking more serious damage to your car by driving it. Note a few times when you want to call a towing service to get your car to a repair shop rather than drive it.

  • Lockdown: Choosing The Right Towing Lock For Your Trailer Or Caravan

    14 August 2015

    It's fair to say that security is one of the primary concerns of anybody who owns a trailer or caravan - thieves are always becoming more inventive and efficient when it comes to stealing them, sometimes in broad daylight and right out of their owner's driveway. Fortunately, there are a dizzying array of towing hitch locks available on the market to thwart trailer thieves (not to mention lower your trailer insurance premiums), but not every towing lock is suitable for every trailer, or every budget.